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The Advantage of High Quality Agricultural Fencing For Farmers

At J & K Agricultural Inc we sell and install quality agricultural fencing for farmers that helps them protect their livestock and crops. The materials we offer are split rail, woven wire, coated high tensile, and popular board. High quality fences have many advantages for farms and their staff.

Fencing is used to keep livestock in a certain area and other animals from roaming or trampling over planted crops. Popular types of permanent fences are wire, coated high tensile, and wood and they are used for different purposes.

Agricultural Fences Protect Your Crops, Land, and Livestock

The right fencing can keep the livestock in a certain area and let them graze and eat freely without roaming and trampling your crops. Fencing helps you manage your livestock and protect them from predators. The fences prevent livestock from escaping and you from losing valuable livestock that will have to be replaced. When you have different types of farm animals, fences can contain them in certain areas away from each other. This makes them easier to feed, manage, and control.

Fencing Provides Organization and Visual Appeal

The right fencing can make your farm look organized and enhance its visual appeal. Fences around livestock and crops give the farm a structured layout. Wood fences have a rustic visual appeal for containing horses, sheep, cattle, goats, and other livestock.

Fences will increase the value of your farm and, if you plan to sell it, attract more buyers. Our fences separate crops from livestock and define boundaries on your farm. It gives animals access to grazing areas and helps you maintain your farmland better.

Types of Materials Used For Agricultural Fences

Woven wire fences are one of the strongest types of fences for farms. They are made of coated woven wire, a durable material that can be used to keep out wild animals like deer, for horses, cows, sheep, and goats. It is used to contain different types of livestock and is easy to install. It has two layers of wire and is a flexible material to use.

High tensile wire is expensive but well made. It is made from steel and holds tension well. It is easy to stretch it and space it apart, but it still maintains its flexibility. It can take several hundred pounds of animal pressure and be electrified. Popular is a type of wood fencing and this is a traditional and affordable choice. It is a solid wood that is a water repellant and makes an excellent choice for outdoor fences on farms. It weathers well and wood fences create a rustic visual appeal to farmland.

We have different types of agricultural fencing and can discuss with you the best type for your farm and for what you will be using it for . We have been in business since 2016 and are a privately owned fencing company insured, and a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Please call us for an appointment to discuss agricultural fencing for your farm by filling out our online form or calling us at 716-337-3548 for an appointment.

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